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Know about us

Divine Inspiration, a society registered under The West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961, started its journey in 2005. Founded by two accomplished artists Anjan Saha and Kaberi Sen the foundation has achieved the distinction of scripting their unique offerings that has enthralled the audience both in the national as well as international circuit.

Anjan is a sitarist and Kaberi an Odissi dancer. The two dedicated individuals combine, blend and harmonize a team that weave diverse literature and music in a single canvas of expression, thus enhancing the appeal of both in an invigorating form. A dream that motivated two individuals is getting translated in the vigour of creativity, in the flamboyance of music and in the opulence of literature.

Divine Inspiration has been working primarily on the works of Rabindranath Tagore, besides other areas of classical engagements. As an acknowledgement to their meticulous endeavour they were awarded with the Production Grant from the Department of Culture, Govt. of India for a project, titled Srishti Sthiti Pralaya based on Tagore’s compositions. Their most acclaimed Production has been captioned Vasanti Shringar. In this production they have established Tagore, Jaydev and Kalidas in one string of unison, in one resonating baritone, in one philosophy of accolade for Spring – the season of bounty and the season of nature’s celebration.

Moreover Divine Inspiration got an opportunity of promoting West Bengal Tourism Development Corporation in 2014 while conducting their tour in Europe by stellar performances by its members. Tourism is thematic and culture is cardinal to any theme that involves travel. It was thus apt that Anjan and Kaberi captivated the global audience by infusing authenticity into a heterogeneous forum and establishing the centrality of world philosophy.

The spirit of music transcends borders. The journey is not a unidirectional vector. It meanders in its own uninhibited way – relentless and unending. Every culmination of a project results in a new commencement. Inspired by the Divinity of the unspoken, the bliss of realization and the excitement of being introduced to the new forms of knowledge have made Anjan and Kaberi seek for more and yearn for fresh grounds to be broken. The journey has begun and will keep getting younger the older they grow.