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“Anantya” is central to the theme of timelessness – without a beginning or an end. Human consciousness operates within this space which is ever expanding, which is ever evolving and which is transiting on the relative plane to reach the Absolute. The illusion of Truth as manifest through the prism of Human perceptions illustrates how ephemeral human responses are to the sensory world. Acquisitions of material aspirations degenerate to the vacuous world of nothingness. It was as good as it wasn’t. Indian Classical Music and Dance forms resonate with the unending quest to seek and to realize the Absolute through their evolving methods of reciprocating to the needs of the soul. It is a journey of emancipation from the material to the transcendental. This perennial journey was there, is there and will continue to be there in all of us as a quest unimpeded,undiluted and perpetuated in “Anantya” – the Infinite ocean of Bliss Absolute.