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Krishna Madhuri

Krishna Madhuri begins with short Jagannath Vandana. Krishna Madhuri is based on the Madhurashtakam of the Saint Vallabhacharya. In Madhurashtakam the poet has illustrated the delightful, pleasing traits of Lord Krishna.


Sadra, a very popular ang of Hindustani Classical Music is the base of this item. We have chosen the Sadra “Bhavani Dayani Moha Vakya Vani” for this performance. The very Sadra portrays the Mahisasuramardini rupa of Goddess Durga. It is followed by the Ragini Bhairavi Vandana and a trivat.

Ananda Chakram

Ananda Chakram, based on Rabindranath Tagore’s poem “Srishti Sthiti Pralaya”. Ananda Chakram depicts a life Cirle: Creation of a life, Completion or Resolution of the life and while life gets tired by seeing the corruption, filthy affairs in the society, confrontations among people, life prays for Lord Shiva to destroy the vibes of the living. As we know the Trinity of Gods are Brahma (Creator), Vishnu (Preserver) and Maheswar (Destroyer) so human beings are really indebted for such a beautiful life to Lord Brahma & Lord Vishnu.
Script : Shri Shankarlal Mehta
Music Composition : Shri Anjan Saha
Concept & Choreography : Kaberi Sen


Vasanti-Shringar is a mélange of the thoughts and emotions of Tagore’s works with those of Kalidas and Jaydev’s in Sanskrit, Nazir Banarsi's in Urdu and others in Braj-bhasha on the Vasant Ritu – Spring season.
Script: Shankarlal Mehta